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A Year at Hotel Gondola – Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino says “Write something you love to read”. When I heard those words in an interview just recently, I realised that’s what I’ve been doing all along. Nicky just launched her tenth novel. Her books came into my life by accident in 2014.  I was at Melbourne Airport waiting to board when I quickly picked up one of her books for the long flight ahead.  Since then, they’ve been my comfort & my inspiration to write. She creates tantalising characters captivating you with the most mouth-watering recipes blending stories of travel, love and  family.

I’ve read all of her novels and this latest one, “A Year at Hotel Gondola” is a beautiful feast both delicious and sad.  An authentic insight into the complexity of emotions as we age; but most of all it’s a reminder that life is filled with the most extraordinary things around us. Just like her colourful characters who see the world through the passion of food, the perfect outfit, or the unexpected feeling of finding love, her books are about giving the reader permission to experience life – all of it!



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