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Brave – Rose McGowan

I read  Rose McGowan’s ”Brave” which essentially is a ”call to arms” – a flashlight on Hollywood’s historical abuse and depiction of women in the film industry.  McGowan’s anger is palpable as she cranks open the door to her life.   Raised by a fractured family structure, in a cult;  fuelled by aggression & abuse, she was shaped into a highly vulnerable child and young adult.   As a result of social and economic factors, she gave Hollywood a whirl but fell into a systematic form of abuse by the heavyweights; predominantly men.   Whilst her fame grew over the years, so did her strength to not only create visibility around the normalization of sexual harassment and power violations against women, she forced the industry to look within itself and recognise the perpetrators once and for all.

Explicit and powerful words on almost every page make the point “enough is enough”.

Coming up for air, I noticed one poignant social observation that resonated with me towards the end of her book.  McGowan says:

”To the writers who create how we see one another and ourselves: You’re responsible. What you write forms the thoughts and self-images of billion of humans. Take care with your words and your images.” p234

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