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You probably had NO idea that I liked writing




“Weren’t you in Admin or something?”


It was probably the biggest fear holding me back.

Perception, and how the world expects you to BE  is the very thing; that squashes the life out of creativity.  That was me  for a  long time.  Even though I gravitated towards writers, producers & storytellers for most of my career, I engaged in a private war of comparison and lost all confidence. “I’m not as good as them”, I’d convince myself and soon enough, dread and fear would stop me in my tracks.

Fortunately, no matter what you do in your day job, creativity manifests in other ways, so  I  decided to stop the internal war and simply write. The joy and freedom of  throwing words on a page and allowing them to dance around until they make sense is euphoric. Getting lost in your imagination and engage in all your senses equally becomes the biggest thrill.

Today I have a 58,000 word manuscript,  I’m editing, dabbling in short stories, learning other genres, writing blog posts and meeting some wonderful authors and aspiring writers.

My tip – Embrace creativity

  • Grab your favourite pen and notebook
  • Dust off the camera
  • Find that easel & paints
  • Create a new recipe
  • Uncoil that dress pattern you designed a long time ago

And let the magic happen xx

Yes;  for those still wondering… I’m now running my own little business in admin and content services,  but the truth is…

I’m also a Writer


See you next time 🙂






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  1. Sal Sal 10/02/2018

    So true. Creativity makes our heart sing. Its what comes so natural to children, but is often lost in the pursuit of “growing up”.
    Good to see you taking steps to keep in in your life 🙂 🌺

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