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Beach, Mountain or Shower gel?


I find inspiration in a stunning Greek villa on a volcanic mountain with a glorious ocean view below.  I can hear the cicadas and frogs suddenly stop for the night and the roosters and donkeys wake the morning. I can taste the salty air as it brushes past me weaving through the cobblestone pathway.

Oddly enough, sometimes, inspiration comes not in nature, but in a form of a shower gel. Strange as it may be, as I click open the top, the aroma transports me back to the island like a time traveller. Suddenly, it’s summer 2011. Pete and I are enjoying four glorious nights perched on the side of the volcano, in a villa room aptly named “Zeus” overlooking the caldera like a protective ancient warrior.

The bathroom downstairs complete with a Jacuzzi and bath supplies fills my nostrils with an exquisite sweet mellow scent which I fall instantly in love with. Is it possible to fall in love with a fragrance? I think so.

Fast forward to 2014… You can imagine my delight when my daughters stumble across the exact bottle here in a Melbourne shopping centre and surprised me for Mother’s Day.

So before I slip away imagining myself sitting in a little taverna drinking its local wine nibbling on appetisers, I pack my laptop and head over to the nearest beach café close to home to write to my heart’s content.

Inspired by nature again, I see two magpies fighting over a hot chip, and slowly I drift back to Santorini where my characters emerge, my plot becomes clearer and my story continues.


See you next time 🙂





  1. Sal Sal 03/02/2018

    Smells definitely brings back memories reminding us of people, places and good times we have had in life.
    I have a local cafe too where I like to write. Just getting outside is nice. My trusted veranda sometimes is all I need to get me feeling at peace.
    Happy writing Effie

    • admin admin 05/02/2018

      Nice to hear! Wherever the words flow is a good place 🙂

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